Best Sunny Vacation Spots if You don’t Love the Beach

Are you planning a vacation? Do you want to make it different this time? When it comes to the vacation, you usually consider a beach as the world is full of the beautiful beaches. But yes, if you want to explore something new and more exciting than the beach life, then you will have many options as well. You will find many thrilling and adventurous things to enjoy your next vacation even if you do not prefer beach vacation. If you are searching for those destinations, then consider the following sunny vacation spots that you can enjoy more than any beach life.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is the best place for the vacation in the month of October. In October, you will find an ideal climate for a family vacation with pleasant evenings and warm days. You can also get some good hotels at a reasonable price in this season. Mexico City is one of the most preferred tourist attractions all over the world. You will many find many beautiful and exciting things, but if you do not know Spanish then you might find it difficult to contact with the local people.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The daytime temperature of the Buenos Aires remains very pleasant and friendly in the spring. It is an indoor city. If you like the indoor life and indoor entertaining activities then this place will be an ideal sunny vacation for you. You will find drinks and foods of different varieties. You can also get a good hotel at a reasonable price.

New Orleans, USA

If you want to visit the New Orleans, USA, then October or the first fifteen days of the number will be the ideal time. During this time, the temperature remains comfortable and pleasant both in the day and the nighttime. You might need to spend more for the accommodation and for the foods. But this is the best place to visit and explore the world-class facilities and modern life.

Istanbul, Turkey

Have you ever thought of visiting Istanbul? Yes, it is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy a sunny vacation without being a part of the beach life. It is warm enough during the way and you will also enjoy the pleasant climate in the evening. If you pay a visit in October then the hotel price will also be less. For more discounts, you can consider advance booking. The foods might be a little expensive. Hence, make sure that you have a fair budget for your vacation.

Cairo, Egypt

Africa is popular for natural resources and internal conflicts. But it is also a great place for the vacations. Some African countries like Egypt can offer you great sunny vacation. If you pay a visit in the month of the October, then you will enjoy both the day and nighttime temperature. It will be neither too hot nor too cold. The chances of rain are also minimal. The hotel prices and foods, everything can come within your budget. The foods are cheap and great as well. If you are looking for a cheap sunny vacation, then this is the ideal place for you.

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