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Fred Lam iPro Academy: How To Generate Traffic With Paid Ads


Traffic generation is so important, you can not skip this step. That’s the whole point right, at first you drive traffic to your video then engage with your people like Fred Lam‘s teaching in his iPro Academy traffic course and collect their emails after then promote your product. That’s the cycle you have to follow through.

If you don’t know how to generate targeted traffic well there are ways to do it. First one is doing SEO, ranking on Google. It’s profitable but if you’re new to this IM this will take time to learn.

Well my friend that’s why I love this guy who created a product called Fred Lam’s iPro Academy this course is all about teaching you how to pull of absurd amount of tatgeted traffic via all over the net.


iPro Academy Insider: Things You Should Know Before Purchasing

Second way is using paid ads! That’s my favourite way to send unlimited amount of traffic to my website, it’s cheap if you know how to do it! Even there are epic programs out there about media buying course etc. to help you on that, see more of them at my site: marvelsdesign.

Even let me introduce you one of my mentors Fred Lam whom I mentioned above who is a media buying guru and known by industry leaders. He’s launching a new training around buying ads to get huge amount of traffic by only spending pennies and the name of his course is iPro Academy, you can read my full indepth review at there.

When you bought this training you can able to buy Facebook ads for an incredible low prices though Fred teached you buying adwords and other kind of media buyings too.

Most of people are spending $1 for a click but just forget about it, it’s too costy, after going through ipro academy you can buy clicks for pennies on dollar! Yeah that’s true. You can see ipro academy review and bonus in my site.

Just think about what you can do with that amount of targeted traffic; my first recommendation is build your list. Then use Facebook pixels to track those visitors then re-run your ads special to those people who visited your site before, believe me money is in the pixels!

So that’s all guys. When you able to get targeted and good amount of traffic to your site, and have a nice looking videos in your website to increase your conversation rates it’s easy to make sell and make money online!

It’s a dream to live a life like that for some but if you apply these tactics you can live even more better life than your current life. Believe me I was there, it was suck but now I’m making six figure income and it feels really nice.

Let me your thoughts at below in comments area about traffic generation tips or video marketing, I’ll do my best to answer all of them.

Talk soon!

Epic Video Marketing Software Simple Social


Why You Need Simple Social For Your Business At All?

I’m sure you heard of the magical power of video marketing ha? Yeah it’s so damn powerful hence that’s why big companies like Facebook started to highlight their video ads rather than their usual text and image ads, because it just works. And here comes Devin Zander’s epic video marketing software Simple Social.

Business owners started to use video both for as their marketing strategies and for building last longer relationships with their audience.

When you use video whether in your website, your landing page, your sales letter even in your emails (yeah there are special services for that too) it will create meaningful connections between you and your customers.

They will remember you when you run ads on Facebook, so it makes them to click on your ads just because they think they know you hence they saw your face and heard your voice, it creates super personal and incredible valuable relationship.

So internet marketers use video marketing too, of course they chase the money and money is in the video! And one of the top online marketer Devin Zander just created something for all kind of level business owners to help them to use the power of video, it’s called Simple Social: video marketing software. As it’s name this tool is incredible easy to use!

Let me break it down for you; Simple Social is top quality video creation software which will help you to use it on all kind of platforms all over the internet.

You can use it when you run ads on Facebook plus you’ll be able to collect leads directly from that video ad thanks to creator of Simple Social Devin Zander – he is such a smart guy.

From now you should not have any excuses to not use videos in your business. There are bunch of softwares, trainings and courses around that video marketing topic and each and everyday they are making it easier and easier.

Devin Zander Simple Social Review

With just one simple click you can upload your videos on all of your social media accounts then start to drive traffic from these sites to your main website.

Though you need to create your own videos by yourself but it’s not that hard either. You can use fiverr for that to hire someone to do your videos or you can just record yourself but most people are camera shy so they don’t prefer this, well there are lots of video creation tools out there from animation to powerpoint to whiteboard all professional tools.

You don’t need to have green screen or high quality camera to make your own videos, just do it as Nike says that’s what matters.

Remember the point is creating memorable relationship with your target persona so the important thing is not how you do it but what you say it, what you share with them.

If you treat them well by providing nice, actionable information they want to listen you more and when selling time comes you can easily pull 6-7 figure by just doing 1 video at all!

Living A Dream Life, Is That Really Possible?

Hi there,

Thank you for stopping by. I’m thinking a lot about this topic so want to share with my audeince:

Living a life of your dreams, is that a hype or somehing?


As you know I’m a 6 figure internet marketer, and I was a failure just 3 months ago hah, life is funny that’s sure.

So the answer of this question is both because it depends torally on your desicions and actions. If you put hours and hours into your business but still can not grow it you may think oh it’s not working for me just screw it!

That’s the wrong approach obviously, if that’s your case then probably you are spending your hours onto wrong thing and after you make that change you’ll start to see some good improvement and this does not either meaning living your dreams easy it just simply the matter a fact of implementing right things on right time!

So you have to put effort then you need to make your adjustments and re-do things with the right way I promise you’ll see some good results and even may come up living your dreams like me :)

I’m making nice money from online by ranking sites on first page of Google and doing Facebook ads, believe me there are billions of way to make it happen just stick to one till you get it fully, that’s all it’s about.

Whenever you want shoot me an email and contact me, I’ll respond you in 24 hours.