Best Beach Vacation Spots Far Away From the Beaten Path

When we think of a beach vacation, we usually tend to bend our thinking toward things like surfers, beach fashion, too many people, stalls, noise and a plethora of other perturbing factors that don’t let us enjoy the best part of any beach vacation—privacy. This article will walk you through some roads less traveled, by giving you information on beaches that are secluded and far away from the tourism industry’s influence and interference.

Lord Howe Island, Australia

Between Australia and New Zealand, somewhere in the Tasman Sea, lies Australia’s Paradise Island called Lord Howe Island which is a remnant of a volcano. Neds Beach and Blinky Beach are two secluded beaches on the Island. The total strength of the island is 350 and tourists are restricted to only 400 on any given season. The towering mountains with unusual wildlife give a feeling of prehistoric times on the island and its beaches. The entire length of the island can be covered in 20 minutes on a cycle ride.

Ibo Island, Mozambique

Just a bit far off from Ibo Islands you will find serenity and peace on Quirimbas Archipelago Beach. It’s a beautiful secluded beach with grandiose beauty, warm waters with white waves on the top and treasures beneath. You can wear your swimsuit all day long, for fun never ends on this beach. This beach is perfect for a romantic sail that covers the white sand bank isolated in clear blue water.

Cirali Beach, Turkey

Falling on the southwest in an hour’s drive from Antalya, lies the gorgeous laid back Cirali Beach in Turkey. The loggerhead turtles are a witness of the existence of peace in the beach. These loggerheads swim ashore every summer to lay their eggs beneath the pebbles of the beach. Thanks to the minimal development, this beach is great for a private vacation with family to fall in love with nature.

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

The beach here in Los Cabos is the destination of concern for travelers wanting to enjoy privacy in their spring vacation. Elite condo complexes and golf course are a common sight here. This beach is a stop for cruise ships and a place for coed parties as well. It is a slice of heaven for surfers and for others it should be a marked destination due to unavailability of crowds and noises. You can term this vacation as an authentic one because Todos Santos has remained intact with its history and culture which are evident in their art galleries.

Panglao Island, Philippines

Though Alona Beach has grown into a very popular scuba diving spot due to the growth of snorkeling activities and restaurants in the area, it is still a perfect secluded beach. Rocky cliffs and white sands define its beauty. Corals and colorful fishes can be seen here without diving! Other popular activities in this beach include: island hopping, dolphin watching, kite surfing and fishing.

If you want complete comfy privacy then Dumalaun Beach would be an elite choice.The Dumaluan Beach Resort was established keeping secluded family vacations in mind. The resort has great accommodations at the white sandy beach where one can totally relax with great quality service from hospitable people.


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