Tips When Traveling To Sunny Tropical Climates

It’s always a great experience to travel. The electricity that rushes through your body when you step out of the plane, is phenomenal. You have been obsessing your fancy over Bali and Manila ever since you’ve seen pictures of the sparkling water flowing over the clear white beach sand and the cloud laden mountains shadowing the coconut trees below. But how do you know if, by the time you get off the plane and reach your hotel, you won’t feel sluggish and lethargic because of the weather. Yes, the human body adapts to the specific climate it thrives in, and a change can lead to some serious ramifications. We’re talking hot, humid climates which may rise beyond 35-37 C (98 F) with frequent thunderstorms, which is great for vegetation but not so great for people not used to random sunshine and impromptu downpour. But worry not, fellow traveler. We’re here to ensure that the tropics don’t steal your thunder.

Here are some handy recommendations for your tropical getaway.


FACT! Our body is 60% water, and you’ll find yourself sweating excessively, even in air conditioning. Now you can either carry a bottle of the holy elixir called water, or just pass out from dehydration. The tropics hold great pride in their fresh fruit, so make sure you take advantage and replenish the bodily fluids you’ll be losing by taking fruit juices. Not the bottled ones, the fresh ones. Oh, and there’s coconut water too!


You walk past this fancy looking restaurant with wooden tables and yellow blubs hanging from the ceiling, and guess what! You love bulbs. So you waltz in without a second thought. Trust it when we say that you don’t want to spend an hour of the next morning stressing over a toilet seat. Spicy preparations are usual in the tropics and if you’re not used to it, you can be in trouble. So do your research before stepping into a food joint to satisfy your hunger. Know about what’s good for you and what’s not, and always be prepared. You have the freedom, try everything that makes you happy!


It won’t be a surprise if you’re lying down in your bed, staring at the ceiling while the faint ambient sound falls in your ears till 4 A.M in the morning. You can’t be invincible from jetlag. If you’re an experienced traveler, you’ll know what we’re going to say next, but if not, water is your biggest ally. Keep yourself hydrated and you’ll be sorted. A little Melatonin can help too. Apart from that you need hats or bandanas, handy towels (see point number 1), sunscreen with a good SPF, basic medications, multivitamins and whatever falls in relevance to your needs. Should be enough to get you going till you become more familiar with your surroundings.

Now that you have an idea as to how to proceed towards making your travel closer to being ‘perfect’, pack your bags, grab your camera and go forth to make moments of your own and feel the freedom within you. May the force be with you traveler, we sure are!

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Top 10 Best Beach Vacation Spots if You Love A Good Party!

If you love beaches and love to party, there’s nothing better than these cool party beaches around the world. Whether you want to hang out in the water, soak up the sun or dance all night, you should check out these 10 best beach vacation spots if you like a party.

1. Copacabana Beach, Rio, (Country: Brazil)

One of the most popular beaches in the world, Copacabana needs no introduction. The sun, the crystal clear waters, the beach babes, it all adds up to one big extravaganza at all times of the year!

2. South Beach, Miami, (Country: USA)

The world knows it – Miami is the place to party! The amazing nightlife, the super scenic white sands, and blue waters make for a picturesque yet fun holiday.

3. Praia de Batata, Lagos, (Country: Portugal)

A true paradise, this little beauty hosts crazy music festivals all through the summer months. There are several other beaches along the coastline but the festive ambiance at this one is something you don’t want to miss out on!

4. Palolem Beach, Goa, (Country: India)

This one is one of the most popular beaches in Goa and is rumored to have a good supply of booze and other unspeakable pleasures! No wonder, it is famous for its epic trance parties. Also, the currency exchange rate in India and cheap markets add to the fun!

5. Cabo San Lucas, (Country: Mexico)

When it comes to beaches, Mexico cannot be far behind. This one has forever been the beloved destination for youngsters from the US. There is always a great party going on especially on long American holidays!

6. Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan, (Country: Thailand)

The endless lines of loud bars after bars and the cheap markets make for a good party here. The nearby Mushroom Mountain is the place to be once the regular parties are over!

7. Cala Jondal, Ibiza, (Country: Spain)

Ibiza has been made immortal through the Vengaboys! A generation of us dreamed of partying there as kids and there is no reason why you still shouldn’t. It makes for one of the world’s best party destinations.

8. Bikini Beach, La Barra, (Country: Uruguay)

Uruguay is fast catching up with the other popular tourist destinations in South America and is already a hot spot for tourists who like to venture off the beaten tracks. The atmosphere is phenomenal, the booze is cheap and the town is friendly. Their round the clock fiestas make for an amazing experience.

9. Havana, (Country: Cuba)

Cuban parties are legendary. The famous old times’ street parties which are free for all and the diverse collection of all of the different type of bars and pubs make for a uniquely Cuban experience that you cannot get anywhere else in the world. So there is more to Cuba than just cigars? You bet there is!

10. Beachcomber Island, (Country: Fiji)

This one is popular among tourists who love islands. The crowd is generally young and you can find dorm rooms to put up at! There are great parties every night and cool beaches to lie in the sun.

Here you go, this makes for a great list of best beach vacation spots if you like a party and there is no reason you shouldn’t start ticking away a few already!

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Best Beach Vacation Spots Far Away From the Beaten Path

When we think of a beach vacation, we usually tend to bend our thinking toward things like surfers, beach fashion, too many people, stalls, noise and a plethora of other perturbing factors that don’t let us enjoy the best part of any beach vacation—privacy. This article will walk you through some roads less traveled, by giving you information on beaches that are secluded and far away from the tourism industry’s influence and interference.

Lord Howe Island, Australia

Between Australia and New Zealand, somewhere in the Tasman Sea, lies Australia’s Paradise Island called Lord Howe Island which is a remnant of a volcano. Neds Beach and Blinky Beach are two secluded beaches on the Island. The total strength of the island is 350 and tourists are restricted to only 400 on any given season. The towering mountains with unusual wildlife give a feeling of prehistoric times on the island and its beaches. The entire length of the island can be covered in 20 minutes on a cycle ride.

Ibo Island, Mozambique

Just a bit far off from Ibo Islands you will find serenity and peace on Quirimbas Archipelago Beach. It’s a beautiful secluded beach with grandiose beauty, warm waters with white waves on the top and treasures beneath. You can wear your swimsuit all day long, for fun never ends on this beach. This beach is perfect for a romantic sail that covers the white sand bank isolated in clear blue water.

Cirali Beach, Turkey

Falling on the southwest in an hour’s drive from Antalya, lies the gorgeous laid back Cirali Beach in Turkey. The loggerhead turtles are a witness of the existence of peace in the beach. These loggerheads swim ashore every summer to lay their eggs beneath the pebbles of the beach. Thanks to the minimal development, this beach is great for a private vacation with family to fall in love with nature.

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

The beach here in Los Cabos is the destination of concern for travelers wanting to enjoy privacy in their spring vacation. Elite condo complexes and golf course are a common sight here. This beach is a stop for cruise ships and a place for coed parties as well. It is a slice of heaven for surfers and for others it should be a marked destination due to unavailability of crowds and noises. You can term this vacation as an authentic one because Todos Santos has remained intact with its history and culture which are evident in their art galleries.

Panglao Island, Philippines

Though Alona Beach has grown into a very popular scuba diving spot due to the growth of snorkeling activities and restaurants in the area, it is still a perfect secluded beach. Rocky cliffs and white sands define its beauty. Corals and colorful fishes can be seen here without diving! Other popular activities in this beach include: island hopping, dolphin watching, kite surfing and fishing.

If you want complete comfy privacy then Dumalaun Beach would be an elite choice.The Dumaluan Beach Resort was established keeping secluded family vacations in mind. The resort has great accommodations at the white sandy beach where one can totally relax with great quality service from hospitable people.


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Best Sunny Vacation Spots if You don’t Love the Beach

Are you planning a vacation? Do you want to make it different this time? When it comes to the vacation, you usually consider a beach as the world is full of the beautiful beaches. But yes, if you want to explore something new and more exciting than the beach life, then you will have many options as well. You will find many thrilling and adventurous things to enjoy your next vacation even if you do not prefer beach vacation. If you are searching for those destinations, then consider the following sunny vacation spots that you can enjoy more than any beach life.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is the best place for the vacation in the month of October. In October, you will find an ideal climate for a family vacation with pleasant evenings and warm days. You can also get some good hotels at a reasonable price in this season. Mexico City is one of the most preferred tourist attractions all over the world. You will many find many beautiful and exciting things, but if you do not know Spanish then you might find it difficult to contact with the local people.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The daytime temperature of the Buenos Aires remains very pleasant and friendly in the spring. It is an indoor city. If you like the indoor life and indoor entertaining activities then this place will be an ideal sunny vacation for you. You will find drinks and foods of different varieties. You can also get a good hotel at a reasonable price.

New Orleans, USA

If you want to visit the New Orleans, USA, then October or the first fifteen days of the number will be the ideal time. During this time, the temperature remains comfortable and pleasant both in the day and the nighttime. You might need to spend more for the accommodation and for the foods. But this is the best place to visit and explore the world-class facilities and modern life.

Istanbul, Turkey

Have you ever thought of visiting Istanbul? Yes, it is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy a sunny vacation without being a part of the beach life. It is warm enough during the way and you will also enjoy the pleasant climate in the evening. If you pay a visit in October then the hotel price will also be less. For more discounts, you can consider advance booking. The foods might be a little expensive. Hence, make sure that you have a fair budget for your vacation.

Cairo, Egypt

Africa is popular for natural resources and internal conflicts. But it is also a great place for the vacations. Some African countries like Egypt can offer you great sunny vacation. If you pay a visit in the month of the October, then you will enjoy both the day and nighttime temperature. It will be neither too hot nor too cold. The chances of rain are also minimal. The hotel prices and foods, everything can come within your budget. The foods are cheap and great as well. If you are looking for a cheap sunny vacation, then this is the ideal place for you.

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Excellent Tropical Getaway Ideas

If all you want to go on a holiday is to forget the world and rejuvenate yourself from head to toe; then a trip to one of the best tropical getaways in the world is all that you need. In fact, many families prefer to head to such locations because there’s always something for everyone to try together. Here are tropical getaway ideas to also contribute to a good cause.
Bali, Indonesia – Elizabeth Gilbert, the celebrated author of ‘ Eat, Pray, Love’ spoke highly of this little vacation spot which felt like a different world altogether. Although Bali is renowned for its tourism and the exquisite beaches; this place has a lot more to offer visitors. Besides the beautiful mountains and unique culture, travelers can take a ride in a helicopter to see the island’s active volcanoes. The more adventurous can opt for a vehicle ride through the lush green forests and witness nature at its best besides trying out one of the many water-sports here. If you want to understand Balinese culture better, try taking part in one of their many lavish ceremonies, pray at one of their temples or visit an arts and craft center here. If all you want to do is see the island through the common man’s eyes, only go for bicycle rides, and you’re guaranteed to have many wonderful memories.
Bora Bora, Tahiti – You’ve probably heard of many celebrities enjoying a vacation here at one time or the other, but if you’re in the mood for lots of fun, then this is one magical island to visit. As a tourist, you are likely to be swept away by the many activities that this island offers and find that you are pressed for time. For instance, water lovers can indulge in some snorkeling, and scuba diving where you can get close to the vast marine life found here. Or if you want to relax, try a sunset cruise or a trip on a glass bottom boat which lets you admire the beautiful world below. Adventure lovers can go on a safari, a hiking trip or try feeding the sharks. After a long day, simply relax on the beach with a drink in hand- true bliss doesn’t get any better than this.
Santorini Island, Greece – This is probably the only place on earth where you get to admire beaches of different shades and sizes. The island comprises of 18 quaint villages with friendly natives who love tourists. One of the best ways to see the island is by renting a scooter although riding on the narrow island roads can be a challenge. Don’t miss the Red Beach with an enormous volcanic cliff and the Black Beaches of Kamarri which are very popular with visitors. If you want to see what a sunset on the island looks like, head to Oia or take a walk to visit the villages located on the cliffs. The island also has a few museums and galleries but if you’re looking for a vacation spot where you can afford to indulge in laziness; then this is it.
Maldives – If a holiday spot famous for its different water activities is your idea of a holiday, then look no further than Maldives. This place is a very popular destination for newlyweds and couples. Somehow the combination of pristine beaches, famous resorts, and activities like scuba diving make Maldives a hot favorite with tourists from different parts of the world. Many resorts offer diving classes and let you rent gear on a daily basis. Visitors can indulge in a spot of night fishing and experience local culture by taking a small trip in a fisherman’s boat called a Dhoni. Or you could also take a helicopter ride and enjoy a view of the island from the sky. Either way, you’re certain to enjoy an excellent holiday.


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